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Akron SEO Company: What Makes Us Stand Out? ...This!

If we don't get you on page 1 of Google,


Pay For Performance (PFP SEO)
Search Engine Optimization


We Rank You on Page 1 of Google, or YOU DON'T PAY!...

Full transparency... Digital Buzz Hub is a CERTIFIED RESELLER of a well-respected, national SEO agency (A+ Rating on their BBB file, as of August, 2022).

They also happen to utilize a Pay for Performance (PFP) SEO payment format for their search engine optimization services, which allows us at Digital Buzz Hub to do the same. They've used this format successfully for more than 12 years.

Note: for proprietary reasons, we only give the name of our SEO partner when client signs contract with Digital Buzz Hub.

Here's how it works. YOU give us 10 keywords of YOUR choice (or we can help you choose the best local keywords for your industry, if you like) that you want to rank on Page 1 of Google. Until and unless at least 1 of those keywords is on Page 1 during a monthly check, YOU DON'T PAY A DIME for monthly SEO services cost

Our SEO experts normally can start ranking a keyword or two out of the group of 10 in a couple of months, and more as time goes by, like a domino effect. It's a TON of work to do SEO properly, but If nothing appears on Page 1 on our monthly rankings check, you simply don't pay that month.

Here's The Gist of What We Do To Add "Google Love" to Your Website

Our partner experts will first audit your website to see what it needs, tweak and format your website the way Google likes, speed it up, add content, add (only quality) links, add citations, do whatever your website lacks in order for it to be a website that Google loves and forces Google to say, "Wow, this is exactly what the search engine customer wants to see," and places the keyword somewhere on Page 1 of the organic (free traffic) results.

Website SEO takes time and a TON of work, so especially with our Akron and Cleveland PFP (Pay for Performance) and PPR (Pay Per Results) SEO service payment format, where you only pay if you rank, we are very motivated to get you, our client, on Page 1. It's the only way that you (and we) can start making money. And we want to make sure you KEEP ranking more and more keywords so that you keep bringing us more and more keyword sets!

But we don't make money until and unless we deliver!

If you’re a Northeast Ohio local business owner (or a local business owner anywhere in the United States), looking for the best Cleveland SEO agency, Akron SEO agency or Canton SEO agency, you probably know by now that Google is king of online traffic.

Well, there's no more efficient way of getting Google first page traffic than with PFP (Pay For Performance) SEO, where either you RANK, or you DON'T PAY one red cent that month on your monthly contract! 

AND as mentioned - we want to make you so happy that you keep coming back with another set of 10 keywords!   :-)

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Is there Pay for Performance / Pay Per Result SEO service in the Akron, Cleveland, Canton area, where you don't pay if you don't get results? 


Few, IF ANY, Cleveland, Akron or NE Ohio SEO agencies have this kind of "Rank or Don't Pay" offer. Actually, few SEO agencies around the country employ this format. It's risky for the company's revenue. If the SEO company doesn't force the client to pay contractually, even for no-result months, then the company doesn't make revenue off of you that month.

But Digital Buzz Hub and our partners feel like, if we are delivering you nothing, then you should pay nothing.

Digital Buzz Hub has the GUTS to utilize PFP SEO, but ONLY employs it with ethical "white hat" SEO practices!

Digital Buzz Hub and our SEO provider partners employ nothing but "white hat" (ethical) means of search engine optimization for the keywords YOU provide to us. We ONLY do what Google likes, because Google is the KING (smile). And when you go against the king, the king eventually finds out and sends your website off to oblivion as a consequence. 

So our SEO partner employs no keyword stuffing, no low quality backlink building, or any other SEO practice that Google frowns upon. These practices MAY get you short-term results, but ultimately, Google WILL find out about it - always - and you would be penalized.

We focus ONLY on what's best for not only short-term, but long-term growth for our clients. And that means having a long-term great relationship with Google.

Realistic Expectations

But it also means that the client has to have realistic expectations. Some keywords are competitive and take months, sometimes many months, even years in some cases, to rank on page 1. There are companies out there who spend 6 figures or more on their SEO efforts.

This is more the case in high population metro areas like New York City, but there are big spenders in Northeast Ohio, too, especially when it comes to getting the Number 1 spot on page 1 of Google for certain search phrases in certain industries. 

This is why we recommend a balance of short tail (high volume, high competition keywords) with long tail (less volume, less competition keywords) in your mix. Longtail keywords (Akron dentistry for kids, for example) can bring you quicker traffic while you wait for the short tail keywords (Akron dentist) to hit.

Going for keywords in smaller suburbs or neighborhoods (Fairlawn divorce attorney) can also bring you quicker rankings than the competitive bigger city keywords (Akron divorce attorney) 

Contact us from ANYWHERE in the United States!


And you can contact us even if you're in California, Florida or Montana... it makes no difference to us.

Any company that we decide to bring on board (after an initial "on-boarding" process to decide if we're a good fit for each other) in any city in the U.S. receives this payment guarantee, for as long as we decide to employ it. 

And right now we see no reason to end it!

It's been working great for our partner companies for YEARS - and they're the ones who do the fulfillment! (remember, DigitalBuzzHub.com is a CERTIFIED reseller of their service).

Other SEO providers figure they can make money from you, whether they get you on Page 1 of Google or not. Some will successfully rank you, but MANY WON'T. Our aim is to actually deliver what the customers want, or we don't deserve to be paid.

That's where our Akron SEO and Cleveland SEO company comes in, with our Pay for Performance / Pay Per Results SEO service.

What's the Cost of our Pay for Performance (PFP) Local SEO Service?

Pay Per Result PPR SEO Price (Local SEO Cost)

  • Setup fee for each contract is $799, paid one time at start of contract. The $799 setup fee is refundable if no keywords have ever hit page 1 of Google on any monthly report by the end of the initial 12 months of the contract.

  • Each PPR SEO contract is for an initial 12 month retainer, payable at $1500/month (as long as you have at least 1 successful keyword ranking on Page 1 of Google that month... KEEP READING.)

  • Contract includes at least 1 set of 10 Keywords that CLIENT CHOOSES (we'll help pick keywords, if desired). Note: Client can choose multiple sets of 10 keywords to put on same contract, which saves on multiple setup fees.

  • SEO Company will perform a monthly success check on client's keywords to see which, if any, of the chosen keywords in each 10 keyword set have made it to page 1 of Google.

  • If a 10 keyword set has zero winners, you don't pay that month! 

    ANY month that SEO company finds in their success check that the client has zero keywords ranking on page 1 of Google in a 10 keyword set, client does not have to pay the $1500 success fee for that set on that month. It does not matter if it's the early months in the contract or later months. At least 1 keyword has to appear on page 1 in order for client to have to pay the $1500 monthly success fee that month.

  • After 12 months, the contract automatically becomes a month-to-month contract, still payable at $1500/mo per each 10 keyword set. If there are still keywords in a set that aren't ranking after 12 months, client may keep the contract open on a month-to-month basis. Client may also opt out of month-to-month renewal of service with at least 30 days email notice (starting at month 11 of the 12 month contract) in order to stop it from going into month-to-month renewals.  

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


    But getting on Page 1 of Google can be hard. That's where our Cleveland SEO and Akron SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) service comes into play. Google can be very picky about what it wants to put on the front page of its keyword search results. It not only wants relevancy to the keyword phrase in its front page results, it also wants to show websites that are built in a particular way...

    Websites that are speedy and have good quality information, not only about the search term, but to related keywords and search terms. Google also wants to see relevant links going out and coming into the website. There are just loads of details about a website that Google wants to see before putting it on page 1, ESPECIALLY if the keyword is a popular, valuable and competitive keyword phrase.


    People not so long ago used to find local businesses by searching in the Yellow Pages (an actual book!). If you weren't in the Yellow Pages 20 years ago, you probably weren't found.

    Well today, that's all changed.

    If your business doesn't have a website, and/or it isn't found by customers on Google, you probably aren't being found... (except by people who actually drive by your brick and mortar business or through word-of-mouth referrals, etc).

    Did You Know?

    Google receives over 90% of all searches, including local business searches. And more to the point, well over 70% of searchers stop at PAGE 1 of Google search results.

    But the gold standard of local traffic - or worldwide traffic if you have a national business - is Google search engine traffic.

    So if your business website isn't appearing on Page 1, you aren't being seen. You need the efficient investment of a trusted Cleveland SEO and Akron SEO company that utilizes the value of Pay for Performance SEO and Pay Per Rank SEO, where you don't pay until you hit the first page of Google.

    ...Enter the best SEO agency Akron and Cleveland has to offer! Digital Buzz Hub's Pay Per Performance / Pay Per Rank (PPP / PPR) SEO SERVICE!

    Great Search Engine Optimization can:

    * Build trust & credibility from potential customers.

    * Target quality & free traffic from page 1 of Google.

    * Show that you are an authority in your field.

    Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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